WVU’s Office of Graduate Education and Life

The Office of Graduate Education & Life is the department deduced to graduate and professional students at West Virginia University. This office offers training and support activities, practical tools and news pertaining to graduate students.

Finding a program
A Degree Programs Database lists information about master’s, doctoral and graduate programs. This is helpful for incoming students or those curious about whether or not graduate school is for them. Take a look around and see what would be best for you.

On the website, this section talks about where to find financial assistance for your education. It also has a list of university fellowships, graduate assistantships and financial aid.

Career Development
There are classes specifically for graduate students listed on this site. Many are 1-credit seminars that help further specific skills. Other information in this section includes information on grant writing, certificates for teaching and upcoming events.

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation
This is a link to where we officially submit our theses. Though it might seem like a ways away for some of us, it’s always a good idea to get acquainted with what we’ll have to do.

Life in Morgantown
For those not acquainted with the town, this quick resource guide allows for easy navigation of airports, traveling, transportation, shopping, food, etc. It’s a lot of information in one convenient location for new students.

An area of the website is dedicated to diverse student groups and offices that offer resources in that area.

Have you used this website or visited the office before? Have you found anything particularly helpful on the website?


2 thoughts on “WVU’s Office of Graduate Education and Life

  1. As a junior about to become a senior undergrad, I’m terrified for what’s to come. I still don’t know what I want to do with my life, although I am seriously leaning towards taking a stab at grad school before moving onto anything else. But again, I don’t know what I’d want to go for, so these sites are great resources to me. I followed your link to the Degree Programs Database and started looking around. It feels good to know that I can go talk to someone to start getting ideas for what I might be looking for as far as grad schools go. I found information on a graduate and professional school fair that will take place next fall that may be helpful to others who share my concerns about getting into grad school.

  2. Anan Wan says:

    I remember that on the first of the International Students Orientation, the President of the graduate Education and life introduced us all the services and resources they can provide. That was very useful . Especially the Office of International Students and Scholars which I talked in my blog many times, it helps international students a lot and provides us many resources and comforts when we are away from home.

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