Great Help from Senior Grad Students

Help from J school

Before I applied to WVU, I only knew Virginia, but not West Virginia. And “West Virginia” to me was just a song– “Take Me Home, Country road”.

So, why did I choose WVU? J school?

I never thought I would attend WVU, for WVU was the last university I applied to. I didn’t much about it, and it was not famous in my country. But the thing was, one day the Direct of Graduate Studies, Dr. Urbanski emailed me that he wanted to an interview to see if I was right for this program and I can ask any questions about the program. I applied to several universities, but WVU was the one that wanted to interview me! Although four of them admitted me and one of them even provided me a scholarship, I still chose WVU as I thought having an interview was responsible for both the program and the applicant.

After that interview, Dr. Urbanski asked Boya Xu, a then second-year graduate student in our program to contact me to see if I would still have any question. As Boya is from China  too, Dr. Urbanski thought that would be easier for us to communicate and answer my questions in a international student’s perspective. Boya was really helpful, and she almost taught me everything including renting the house, applying for visa, what I should bring from China, etc, before I came to America. We became good friends and still keep in touch now.

Then, this year. There are four Chinese students applying our program, and Dr. Urbanski asked me to talk to them and answer their questions like what Boya did last year. I tried my best to help them as I really appreciated how Dr. Urbanski and Boya had helped me out.

Help from WVU Student Organizations Services

As I mentioned in my post last week that for those who want to study abroad or work in another country, finding your community is a great help, the students associations for international students are of great help.

This is the list of all the WVU Student Organizations. The Student Organization Service has clubs for almost every major and specific area. For example, there are 35 different organizations under the category “Cultural and International”, including the Chinese Students & Scholars Association, Japanese Club, Indian Association, etc. They are all run by senior students.

These international organizations are the communities for the international students and whoever is interested in foreign cultures. For example, besides celebrating festivals and holding parties, Chinese Association also provides Orientation for all new-comers, pick-ups from Pittsburgh Airport, Guidebook of living in Morgantown, job-hunting infos and academic conferences informations, etc.


2 thoughts on “Great Help from Senior Grad Students

  1. I love Boya! She’s so sweet and helpful, even to me! I actually talked with her briefly because she submitted to a conference, and I was curious how the format for it was. It’s awesome to see you’ve come full-circle, by giving out advice to those incoming. Can’t wait to meet them =]

    • Anan Wan says:

      Yes, she is really nice:) I appreciate how she helped me. Even now, whenever I have any problem, whether about study or daily life, she will help me out. So I think I should do the same thing to those incoming international students.

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